HIIT Training and the Air Bike

HIIT Training and the Air Bike

HIIT Training and the Air Bike 961 727 Oden Strength

Many people will refer to things like metabolic conditioning as HIIT training.

For example in their minds HIIT might last for 15 minutes in 30 second intervals.

This is actually not HIIT. It’s just staggered interval training. Incidentally there is nothing wrong with this type of protocol at all. Whatever gets you moving, I say.

But if you’re talking bout HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) then true high intensity can not really be sustained over a period like 15 minutes.

RPE – Rate of Perceived Exertion

Your rate of perceived exertion is how hard you believe yourself to be working. On a scale of 1 to 10 1 would be no effort where 10 would be the absolute limit of how hard you think you can work. Of course this will vary from person to person.

A good example of finding this is on the Air Bike. I have a love/hate relationship with the Air Bike as I know it’s pushing my cardiovascular and lactate threshold up. But also it is a hideous feeling to be recovering from it after a few rounds at maximal effort.

If your gym happens to have one of these give it a go. If you’re just starting out use a limited number of rounds.

Getting on one of these bikes and cruising along for 10 minutes is fine but it’s not really what they’re built for.

They’re built for interval work that will put you in some serious temporary discomfort.