How’s your metabolism?

How’s your metabolism?

How’s your metabolism? 819 1024 Oden Strength

If you’re on a mission to lose weight, keep your metabolism in mind.

During my time as a trainer I have seen many food journals where there person is not eating enough.  If this is the case over time the base metabolism of the person slows down.

In order to have fat loss a person must be eating less energy than they are expending. This includes the energy needed to sustain life (the base rate) and any additional energy being used on top of that.

Obviously if the base metabolism on a person is very low then their energy requirements will be very low. In order to lose fat they must eat fewer calories than a person with a higher or normal base metabolism.

So there is a trap here.

Fat loss can only happen in an energy deficit but if the base metabolism of a person is too low the answer is not to eat even fewer calories. That’s just not sustainable.

The answer is to repair the damage done to the base metabolism so that the body can do the things it’s meant to do more efficiently. This can take time especially if the time spent with a low metabolism has been extensive.

So how to go about repairing it if this is the case.

I’ll clue you guys in on my next post.


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