Is your body ready for weight loss?

Is your body ready for weight loss?

Is your body ready for weight loss? 859 590 Oden Strength

In my time as a trainer looking at food logs I have noticed:

  • People, especially women, consume far less food than they should
  • A lot of journals I have seen (these can be inaccurate though) put them at consuming 1000 calories daily or less
  • Protein intake is usually next to nothing
  • If they are training normally their output far exceeds their intake (I must smash myself in the gym to get results)

The human body is hardwired to survive. That’s how we thrived as a species. We evolved and adapted because otherwise we would go extinct.

  • Base Metabolic Rate is the level of energy required to keep your internal systems working
  • If a person consumes a highly restricted amount of energy this base level is lowered by the body
  • This results in many processes in the body becoming less efficient (body temp regulation, digestion among others)
  • The body has now created an environment for itself where it can survive but to the detriment of the jobs that it has to do
  • The longer the body has to remain in this state, the longer it will take to repair the damage done

To create fat loss the body must be in a calorie deficit.

  • This means that the energy going in must be less than the amount of energy being used
  • This is a combination of your base level and the amount of energy you use to do what you need to do in a day
  • If the base level of energy needed by the body is low then it stands to reason that your intake has to be lower to effect fat loss
  • The person now has to eat less in order to lose any fat
  • The problem is that this is not sustainable

So how do you know what your current situation is?

  • Assess it!
  • Weigh in and take measurements
  • TRACK YOUR INTAKE to find out how much energy is going in
  • You don’t have to track EVERY day but the larger the data set you have the more accurate your average will be
  • Keep it up for 2-3 weeks
  • Measure again
  • If your weight went down you’re at a deficit
  • If it stayed the same you’re at maintenance calories
  • If you gained you’re at a surplus
  • Use this data to establish where your BMR might be


Tune in Wednesday where I’ll talk about the actions to take if your metabolism is sluggish.

Happy Monday

Coach Grant