Kids and Weightlifting

Kids and Weightlifting

Kids and Weightlifting 625 582 Oden Strength

One day, I showed my friend a video of a 5 year old girl performing a snatch.

As a Mum, her immediate reaction was one of horror.

“She’s too young to be doing that! Her body is not ready, it’s still developing!”

Luckily, this friend of mine (also a client) likes to investigate things further, rather than just accept her current viewpoint as the correct one.

“OK” she said “so within four hours after looking at various articles and studies I’m a convert. It would be really cool if there was a place where kids could be taught to lift safely!’

The facts about youths and weightlifting.

  1. At a young age kids are information sponges. They absorb information at a rate that we as adults do not.
  2. Kids are at a bio-mechanical advantage. They have yet to be exposed to a lengthy spell of modern life.
  3. Under the right coach kids will be taught that lifting will help decrease the potential for injury, not enhance it.
  4. Weightlifting under a good coach means learning to move your body with a limited set of controllable variables.
  5.  Compare that set of variables to those on, say, a rugby field.

Look, I get it.

You’ve seen the gym fail videos and horrible injuries occurring at even an Olympic level. That’s enough to reinforce the notion that the weight being pushed can and will cause injury.

Check out this video:

That’s Olympic-level lifter Mattie Rogers losing her grip on a block pull and watching the bar roll away to break the window in front of her.

This video actually went viral and created two conversations.

People who lift: “haha oh damn! Oh well shit happens, I’m glad she’s safe!”

People who don’t lift: “oh wow well it just goes to show how dangerous lifting is!”

Shit happens. Mattie has probably made that lift THOUSANDS of times. If you don’t understand that stuff life this can happen sometimes, try following her on Instagram. She’s a marvelous person doing what she loves.

As far as kids and lifting goes, do yourself a favour and Google around on the subject.

Educate yourself.