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Pendlay Rows 521 480 Oden Strength

Pendlay Rows

Getting some hot work in at the gym with a few Pendlay Rows. Cues for Pendlay Rows: Feet flat Core braced Shoulders tight Body in a hinge position It’s a…

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How’s your metabolism? 819 1024 Oden Strength

How’s your metabolism?

If you’re on a mission to lose weight, keep your metabolism in mind. During my time as a trainer I have seen many food journals where there person is not…

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Creating a calorie deficit 960 640 Oden Strength

Creating a calorie deficit

Body-fat loss happens when you have a calorie deficit.  Your base metabolic rate or BMR is the amount of energy your body uses at rest. My BMR is around 1925 calories.…

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Gonna start out on a fitness journey? 450 320 Oden Strength

Gonna start out on a fitness journey?

Here are some things to remember. Be patient. The majority of people who join a gym will be gone within the first 3 months. Don’t be that person. Don’t know…

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