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Push Variations 859 590 Oden Strength

Push Variations

The 7 Primal Patterns are: Push Pull Press Squat  Lunge Twist Gait (Run/Walk) Let’s look at a push type – the Landmine Press. The benefits of this variation are: Simple…

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On a fitness mission? Remember these things. 450 320 Oden Strength

On a fitness mission? Remember these things.

Lift weights okay they’re pretty cool. Cut yourself some slack Give yourself time. This is a marathon not a sprint. Don’t beat yourself up, Eat protein it’s pretty cool. Watch…

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Focus 900 550 Oden Strength


“You don’t need a gym to get into shape!” I’ve heard this a lot. To a certain extent, it’s true.  In my opinion however, a gym is needed to provide…

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