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Pendlay Rows 521 480 Oden Strength

Pendlay Rows

Getting some hot work in at the gym with a few Pendlay Rows. Cues for Pendlay Rows: Feet flat Core braced Shoulders tight Body in a hinge position It’s a…

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Push Variations 859 590 Oden Strength

Push Variations

The 7 Primal Patterns are: Push Pull Press Squat  Lunge Twist Gait (Run/Walk) Let’s look at a push type – the Landmine Press. The benefits of this variation are: Simple…

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On a fitness mission? Remember these things. 450 320 Oden Strength

On a fitness mission? Remember these things.

Lift weights okay they’re pretty cool. Cut yourself some slack Give yourself time. This is a marathon not a sprint. Don’t beat yourself up, Eat protein it’s pretty cool. Watch…

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Overuse Syndrome and Spinal Care 492 406 Oden Strength

Overuse Syndrome and Spinal Care

When we think of overuse syndrome, we think of an office worker and things like carpal tunnel syndrome. Overuse syndrome can mean the overuse of anything. A runner who does…

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Focus 900 550 Oden Strength


“You don’t need a gym to get into shape!” I’ve heard this a lot. To a certain extent, it’s true.  In my opinion however, a gym is needed to provide…

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